Public Health & Global Societies: A survey course in Global Health

A young child receives oral polio vaccine dose

In 2016, there were only four cases of wild poliovirus in sub-Saharan Africa, all detected in Nigeria, the last polio-endemic country in Africa. In an effort to reach and protect children not reached by routine immunization services, oral polio immunization campaigns are being conducted in several African countries, with support from technical staff from CDC’s Global Immunization Division.
 Cameroon: A child in the arms of her mother receiving her dose of the oral polio vaccine.
Photo credit: Louie Rosencrans/CDC

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OER Online Textbook: Public Health & Global Societies

Table of Contents

Introduction: A note from the authors

Authorship & Citation


Module 1: Foundations of Global Health

Section 1.1: What is Global Health?

Section 1.2: Defining and Measuring the Burden of Disease, Part I

Section 1.3: Defining and Measuring the Burden of Disease, Part II

Section 1.4: Defining the Determinants of Health

Section 1.5: Colonialism & the History of Global Health

Section 1.6: Film screening : Colonial Legacies, Racism & Representation in Global Health & Humanitarianism

Section 1.7: Ethics, Human Rights & Global Health

Module 2: Health Systems and the Global Burden of Disease

Section 2.8: Exploring & Understanding Health Systems, Part I

Section 2.9: Exploring & Understanding Health Systems, Part II

Section 2.10: Communicable Diseases

Section 2.11: Neglected Tropical Diseases, Etc

Section 2.12: Non-communicable Diseases & Aging

Section 2.13: Mental Health, Injuries & Disability

Module 3: Social Determinants of Health

Section 3.14: Understanding the Role of Culture in Health

Section 3.15: Gender as a Determinant of Health: Women’s Health

Section 3.16: Racism as a Determinant of Health + Film Screening

Section 3.17: Social Determinants of Oral Health

Section 3.18: Understanding Nutrition & Health in a Global Context

Module 4: Ecological Determinants of Health

Section 4.19: Environmental Health & WASH

Section 4.20: Environmental Racism & the Structural Determinants of Environmental Health + Film Screening

Module 5: Forward Thinking: Interventions to Improve Global Health

Section 5.21 Looking ahead in Global Health