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Benedito Raiva, a preventive medicine technician, gives a child an immunization during a well child consultation at the Muecate Health Center in Nampula, Mozambique. Many countries are facing disruptions to health services amidst COVID-19, reminding the global community of the need to protect global immunization progress and continue working towards equitable access to vaccines for all. Photo credit: Fernando Fidélis, MCSP (
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OER Online Textbook: Public Health & Global Societies

Table of Contents

Introduction: A note from the authors

Authorship & Citation


Module 1: Foundations of Global Health

Section 1.1 What is Global Health?

Section 1.2 Defining and Measuring the Burden of Disease, Part I

Section 1.3 Defining and Measuring the Burden of Disease, Part II

Section 1.4 Defining the Determinants of Health

Section 1.5 Colonialism & the History of Global Health

Section 1.6 Film screening : Colonial Legacies & Global Health

Section 1.7 Human Rights, Ethics & Global Health

Module 2: Health Systems and the Global Burden of Disease

Section 2.8 Exploring & Understanding Health Systems, Part I

Section 2.9 Exploring & Understanding Health Systems, Part II

Section 2.10 Communicable Diseases

Section 2.11 Neglected Tropical Diseases

Section 2.12 Non-communicable Diseases & Aging

Section 2.13 Mental Health & Injuries

Module 3: Social Determinants of Health

Section 3.14 Indigenous Health & Racism: Exploring the Structural Determinants of Health

Section 3.15 Understanding the Role of Culture in Health

Section 3.16 Gender as a Determinant of Health: Women’s Health

Section 3.17 Gender as a Determinant of Health: Men’s Health and Transgender Health

Section 3.18 Nutrition & Global Health

Section 3.19 Understanding the role of Oral Health in Global Health

Module 4: Ecological Determinants of Health

Section 4.20 Global Environmental Health

Section 4.21 Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

Section 4.22 Film Screening: Environmental Racism, Climate Change & Global Health

Section 4.23 Natural Disasters & Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

Module 5: Interventions to Improve Global Health

Section 5.24 Health Communication & Behavior Change

Section 5.25 Technology & Global Health

Section 5.26 Resistance & Resilience: Forward Thinking in Global Health

Section 5.27 Global Health Diplomacy & Security